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Dad, Lenin and Freddy

Film Information

Exhibition Title Dad, Lenin and Freddy
Original Title O babas mou, o Lenin kai o Freddy
Director Rinio Dragasaki
Year 2011
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 20'
  • Avra Vordonaraki, Yiannis Tsortekis
  • G: Rinio Dragasaki
  • Christos Karamanis
  • E: Panos Voutsaras
  • DA: Pinelopi Valti
  • S: Dimitris Kanellopoulos
  • M: Felizol
  • P: Elina Psikou
  • CP: Guanaco, Ert
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The Eighties in Athens. A 9 year-old girl is at the center of this story. The girl has a communist and hyperactive father who keeps a bust of Lenin on his desk. It’s the Eighties: Freddy Krueger is in the VHS. The girl has an older sister. And lives in the Eighties, with Eighties stuff. Communism hasn’t fallen, but it will. And the connection –or rather, the remix– Krueger-Lenin is one of the many delights in this short with a huge Eighties-pop heart that wisely places politics as yet another threat on the way of family relations and the pains of growing up. JPF


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