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Film Info
Ovos de dinossauro na sala de estar

Film Information

Exhibition Title Ovos de dinossauro na sala de estar
English Title Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room
Director Rafael Urban
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 12'
  • Ragnhild Borgomanero
  • G: Rafael Urban
  • F: Eduardo Baggio
  • E: Ana Lesnovski
  • DA: Maria Andrade
  • S: Robertinho de Oliveira
  • P: Ana Paula Málaga
  • PE: Ana Paula Málaga, Rafael Urban
  • CP: Tu i Tam Filmes
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This is the portrait of a widow. But also of a way of life –an aristocratic way of relating to the world. It’s the portrait of an empty feeling and, mostly, of a romance. At 77, Ragnhild Borgomanero remembers her husband Guido through photos (she’s active, lucid, and takes Photoshop and Adobe courses) and also through her fossils collection (the largest private one in Latin America). Rafael Urban’s short film subtly combines the pain of a loss with the pride of having lived intensely. JPF

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