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Filme de amor

Film Information

Exhibition Title Filme de amor
English Title A Love Movie
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 2003
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 90'
  • Bel Garcia, Josi Antello, Fernando Eiras, Gaspar Nunes, Alcir dos Santos Silva
  • G: Júlio Bressane, Rosa Dias
  • F: Walter Carvalho
  • E: Virgínia Flores
  • DA: Moa Batsow
  • S: Virgínia Flores
  • M: Guilherme Vaz
  • P: Tarcisio Vidigal, Lúcia Fares
  • PE: Daniela Arantes
  • CP: Riofilme, Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV Tarcísio Vidigal, TB Produções
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Three very ordinary friends from the suburbs of a Brazilian city, Hilda, Matilda and Gaspar, meet up for a weekend in a small, not very salubrious apartment downtown, to gossip, drink and break out of their boring everyday existence. All three are poor. They let their imaginations run riot. Without thinking about the consequences, they decide to lead another life, a freer life, to change personae and live outside themselves. The result is a slightly disorderly and waywardly theatrical moody film.


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