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Film Info
Marco Macaco

Film Information

Exhibition Title Marco Macaco
Director Jan Rahbek
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 75'
  • G: Jan Rahbek, Thomas Borch Nielsen
  • E: Jan Rahbek, Kirsten Skytte
  • S: Rune Thuelund
  • M: Jonas Severin
  • P: Nynne Selin Eidnes
  • CP: Nice Ninja
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The macaque is coming! If you favor effervescent and senseless comedy imported from Bikini Bottom or the blatantly Buster Keaton-esque moments of the Pixar Heroes (and not that cheesy heartfelt thing), then welcome to the banana republic-like and beach joy of Danish film Marco Macaco, which states in its tagline: Let’s Go

Bananas! As if it were the monkey lovechild of Cheeta and Will Ferrell, Marco is a useless security guard working on a beach. One day –maybe too literally– a casino settles in. And Marco, like a dumb and dumber Francella-style lifeguard, becomes pure digital yet physical comedy when he confirms that, just as he suspected, the casino is a giant robot he will have to overcome with the help of pirates (meanwhile, he insists –¡and scores!– in shooting a cannonball through a children’s inflatable life ring). Yes, there’s still room for crazy comedies that feature hedonism and an Asterix-worthy slapstick element to use as an umbrella against sentimentality. Throw in a monkey wrench, and see how this particular monkey gets turned into a pure potassium-rich, chimpanzee-comedy. JMD

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