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Rua Aperana 52

Film Information

Exhibition Title Rua Aperana 52
English Title Aperana Street, 52
Director Júlio Bressane
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • Fernando Eiras, Giulia Gam, Drica Moraes, Maria Gladys, Joel Barcelos
  • G, P: Júlio Bressane
  • F: David Pacheco
  • E: Rodrigo Lima
  • S: Aurélio Dias
  • M: Guilherme Vaz, Lívio Tragtenberg
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In Rua Aperana 52, Júlio Bressane describes the invention of a landscape, the topology of a corner of Rio de Janeiro. The film consists of a series of photographs taken between 1909 and 1955 by, among others, Bressane’s parents at and around the address used as a title. These are interlarded with scenes from films made between 1957 and 2005, bringing the total fictional time the film covers to almost a century in which the winding road featured in almost every shot structures the new landscape behind the Aperana, which means “wrong road”.


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