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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Kilpisjärvellä
Director Axel Straschnoy
Year 2012
Format Fulldome 4 K
Colour Color
Duration 17'
  • G: Axel Straschnoy
  • F: Juan Biderman, Axel Straschnoy
  • E: Axel Straschnoy
  • S: Karri Niinivaara
  • P: Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari
  • CP: Bufo
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Two explorers start on a journey through Laponia in the winter, waiting for dusk and possible arrival of aurora borealis so they can capture it with the camera. Inspired by 19th century scientific investigations –both the technical investigation of photography and its cinematographic use, and the expedition to the ends of the earth– the film by Argentine Axel Straschnoy (who lives in Finland) investigates the possibilities of fulldome while expanding them.

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