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La mosca

Film Information

Exhibition Title La mosca
English Title The Fly
Director David Cronenberg
Year 1986
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 96'
  • Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Joy Boushel, Les Carlson
  • G: Charles Edward Pogue, David Cronenberg
  • F: Mark Irwin
  • E: Ronald Sanders
  • DA: Carol Spier
  • S: David Evans, Wayne Griffin
  • M: Howard Shore
  • P: Stuart Cornfeld
  • CP: Brooksfilms
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While working with Mel Brooks, Stuart Cornfeld’s main job was finding young talent to preserve the romantic tradition of the suffering monster. With David Lynch and The Elephant Man they managed to make it trendy again; and with The Fly, they changed it into something else forever.

Ideas arrive late to cinema, and usually Cronenberg is the one bringing them. Common Cartesian knowledge sold us false hope for four centuries –until Brundlefly. Ever since The Fly, Frankenstein and the monster are the same thing, the mind is not independent from the body. There’s only physical reality, which is unbearable. It’s no one’s fault. The collision is between two forces desperate to survive: one more fly and one more human, both inevitably doomed.

Many horror films end badly, but there are only a few tragedies. The Fly is the best of them all, and seeing it in a theater changes your life. HR


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