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Film Info
Cinema revisited

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cinema revisited
Director Directores Varios (Vanguardia austríaca - Cinema Revisted)
Year 2013
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 81'

  • Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy 1998. 15’ / 16mm / B&N
  • Borgate 2008. 15’ / DM / Color - B&N
  • Outer Space 1999. 10’ / 35mm / B&N
  • Film ist. 7 - Komisch 2002. 19’ / 35mm /Color - B&N
  • Mosaik Mécanique (Notes on Film 03) 2008.9’ / 35mm / B&N
  • Picture Again 2003. 10’ / 16mm / Color
  • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog 2009. 3’ / 35mm / Color
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Revisiting classical cinema in order to reinvent and create entirely new artistic visions is an attribute of Austrian avant-garde audiovisual production over the past twenty-five years, and it also represents a source of fascination for today’s curious filmgoers. Here, images of Barbara Stanwyck are reappropriated, Anna Magnani’s voice accompanies scenes of Italian suburbia, Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland are vivisectioned, Barbara Hershey is attacked by the apparatus, and the poetry of early cinema is resurrected in all its beauty in Film ist. All this, in addition to material taken from hundreds of other sources, contributes to the creation of unique cinematographic languages.

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