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Cortos de Kurdwin Ayub

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cortos de Kurdwin Ayub
English Title Short Films by Kurdwin Ayub
Director Kurdwin Ayub
Year 2013
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 67'

  • Abscission (Vaginale VI) Austria, 2011 / 5’ / HD / Color
  • Adele 1 Austria, 2012 / 5’ / HD / Color
  • Family Holiday Austria, 2012 / 22’ / HD / Color
  • Katzenjammer Austria, 2012 / 5’ / HD / Color
  • Hasenzahn Austria, 2012 / 4’ / HD / Color
  • Katzenhimmel Austria, 2012 / 12’ / HD / Color
  • Langsam Reiten Cowboy Austria, 2011 / 2’ / HD / Color
  • Summer Holiday (Vaginale VII) Austria, 2011 / 12’ / HD / Color
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Kurdwin Ayub’s films are characterized by a strange, irritating ambivalence and contradiction. Her supposed exhibitionism, ergonomic staging, and sometimes almost awkward self-projection are subtle, unsettling and momentarily heart-rending portraits of a young woman, who may be Kurdwin Ayub. Or a figure that invents herself, is talkative and bashful, calculating and naïve, emotional and vulnerable at the same time. In her films everything gets jumbled up: unbridled clichés and documentary openness, the radical personal and playing with false identities. She’s “a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction”, and watching her films is reminiscent of those childhood coloring books: initially mysteriously and innocently empty, their pages only reveal an individual, unexpected image through overdrawing. Hans Hurch

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