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Cine experimental - Museo del Cine

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cine experimental - Museo del Cine
English Title Experimental Cinema - Film Museum
Directors Jorge Tabachnik
Eduardo Pla
Claudio Caldini
Sameer Makarius
Year 2012
Colour Color + B&W
Duration '
  • Corrientes bifronte
  • 1958 / B&N / 16mm / 14’
  • D: Jorge Tabachnik
  • Ayer Buenos Aires hoy
  • 1967 / B&N / 16mm / 16’
  • D: Eduardo Pla
  • 5 aspectos 5
  • 1964 / Color / Super 8 / 10’
  • D: Claudio Caldini
  • Neón
  • 1960s / Color / 16mm / 4’
  • D: Sameer Makarius
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Experimental cinema has a rarely visible tradition in Argentina. Only in recent years researchers have started writing this story. Since then, the work of some significant filmmakers is starting to see the light, or better said, starting to get known by a

larger audience. Claudio Caldini is definitely the most relevant filmmaker of all, but there were also others who were contemporary to him and made experimental films back in the Sixties and Seventies, even if they didn’t continue on that same path. Eduardo Pla was one of them, as well as photographer Sameer Makarius. This experimental film program presented by the Pablo Ducrós Hicken Film Museum will screen works made by the filmmakers mentioned above, practically unknown even to erudite audiences. The program also includes a film directed by Jorge Tabachnik, a promoter –together with Jorge Macario– of the “Film Workshop” of the Fifties. AL & LL

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