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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Mapa
English Title Map
Director León Siminiani
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 85'
  • G, F, E: León Siminiani
  • S: Nacho Royo
  • P: María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz
  • CP: Avalon P.C., Pantalla Partida
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First it was the Messenger, and now Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have helped us become aware of something first-person documentary filmmaking (way before Fernando Pessoa) had proven a long time ago: identity is always a pseudonym, the “I” is barely a mix of expectations other people projects on us and our desire to match them, together with the image we have of ourselves. Mapa, the first feature-length film by the most obsessive short film director in Spanish cinema, León Siminiani, is the travel journal of a neurotic character that has the same voice and name as the filmmaker and travels to India in search of a revelation, only to bump against the impossibility of shooting a film. Without any need of worn meta-cinematographic exercises, Siminiani combines comedy and self-exploration with an obsession for dramatic writing and mise en scène in a film that is also a lesson in DIY (Do It Yourself) craftiness, which in this case should probably be called Invent Yourself instead. GPA

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