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Tiempo de revancha

Film Information

Exhibition Title Tiempo de revancha
English Title Revenge Time
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1981
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 112'
  • Federico Luppi, Julio de Grazia, Ulises Dumont, Haydée Padilla, Arturo Maly
  • G: Adolfo Aristarain
  • F: Horacio Maira
  • E: Eduardo López
  • DA: Abel Facello
  • S: Daniel Castronuovo
  • M: Emilio Kauderer
  • P: Héctor Olivera, Luis Osvaldo Repetto
  • CP: Aries
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Like we used to say when talking about The Beach of Love, Aristarain’s cinema stands as a poem of frustration, since his main characters are marked by it. Even if sometimes it seems the opposite, Revenge Time falls into this constant. Pedro Bengoa (Luppi) is a dynamite expert with a history of union and political affiliation he got from his father since he was a kid. He needs money, so he takes a job in the South denying his former activities, which causes his father to insult him. (…) He sees the opportunity of stepping up from poverty by forging an accident that will render him “mute”, so he can collect a large compensation pay. The rest is Bengoa’s performance when faced with the company’s people, doctors, psychiatrists, his wife, and everyone he meets on the way. (…) In the context of a national cinema that is not used to suitably handling genres, Adolfo Aristarain can afford to divide his film in three clearly differentiated parts without losing its unity. It starts as a political thing, then continues with a kind of comedy tone and ends up, brilliantly, as a thriller. (…) It is the work of a man for whom cinema no longer holds any secrets, and who makes, as his colleague Ricardo Wulicher once said, “pure cinema”. RP (“Once again frustration is the axis of a great film” in Convicción, 7/31/1981)

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