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Berberian Sound Studio

Film Information

Exhibition Title Berberian Sound Studio
Director Peter Strickland
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 88'
  • Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Fatma Mohamed, Eugenia Caruso, Antonio Mancino
  • D, G: Peter Strickland
  • F: Nic Knowland
  • E: Chris Dickens
  • DA: Jennifer Kernke
  • S: Joakim Sundström
  • M: Broadcast
  • P: Keith Griffiths, Mary Burke
  • PE: Robin Gutch, Hugo Heppell, Katherine Butler, Michael Weber
  • CP: Illuminations Films, Warp X
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That poor old Gilderoy (an always perfect Toby Jones), he’s a composed, almost virginal British sound designer who comes to an Italian recording studio populated by bureaucrats and vamps to work on the sound design of a horror film called The Equestrian Vortex; and he is the perfect propitiatory victim: he who will have to pay for our sins, for all that cinema we have seen but not heard. In the context of an abstract psychological thriller (Lynchean + Kafkian, one would say to simplify things), Peter Strickland not only bottles up an homage to giallo (radically taking its issues to the extreme, but subverting its sensorial alibies in that same movement), he also tries out an extraordinary ode to film sound with its honor guests on the rear view mirror, while his ideas about the way to carry out the tribute lie well ahead on the same road, and Berberian Sound Studio is the vehicle that moves towards them at a crazy speed. MP


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