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Un lugar en el mundo

Film Information

Exhibition Title Un lugar en el mundo
English Title A Place in the World
Director Adolfo Aristarain
Year 1991
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 120'
  • Federico Luppi, José Sacristán, Cecilia Roth, Leonor Benedetto, Rodolfo Ranni
  • G: Adolfo Aristarain, Kathy Saavedra
  • F: Ricardo de Angelis
  • E: Eduardo López
  • DA: Abel Facello
  • S: José Luis Díaz
  • M: Emilio Kauderer
  • P: Adolfo Aristarain, Osvaldo Papaleo
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(…) As it is well known, ten years set apart Revenge Time, the height of the author’s work, from A Place in the World. The films have elements in common, starting with a character who returns, with a different attitude but the same integrity, to a fight in which he paradoxically must lose if he doesn’t want to cave: his triumph will depend on being consistent with himself. As if trying to underline the similarities, the main character and his antagonist are played by the same actors from ten years ago. But, unlike Revenge Time, which was filled with tension and sharp dialogue, A Place in the World runs on a more paced and evocative rhythm, with more room for conversation. Also, it captures human ambiguity better. (…) With its characters, Aristarain involuntarily and tangentially reflects his own geographic and mental evolution, and speaks to our feelings with a clean emotional tone and a good narrative rigor. The relationship of the kid with his parents or the girl he’s in love with and to whom he teaches how to read; the mentioning of so many dreams of a better future; and all that effort put into maintaining a present that is less worse, are all delivered to us with exemplary purity and remarkable modesty. PS (“Aristarain came back with a capital film” in Ámbito Financiero, 4/9/1992)

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