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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title AB
Directors Iván Fund
Andreas Koefoed
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 67'
  • Araceli Castellanos Gotte, Belén Werbach
  • G: Iván Fund, Andreas Koefoed, Santiago Loza
  • F: Iván Fund, Andreas Koefoed
  • E: Eduardo Crespo, Milton Secchi
  • DA: Araceli Castellanos Gotte, Belén Werbach
  • S: Guido Deniro
  • M: Trentemoller
  • P: Andreas Koefoed, Ivan Fund, Ivan Eibuszyc
  • PE: Iván Eibuszyc
  • CP: CPH:DOX, Frutacine, Morocha Films
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Two friends in a small province town. Arita and Belencha are in that moment when the dilemma for young people living in the Argentine provinces is “to move to the capital city or to stay”. Belencha is planning to go; her dog just had puppies, so the girls wander around town carrying a box with the puppies and offering them for adoption. That line is the basic structure of this film, a sort of road movie walked around the streets and dirt roads, where the stops are the people’s homes and shops. Stories about pets and even pick-up attempts will take place in those scenarios. The conversations in open houses, the roads, the country-side sunsets: that’s what she will lose if she leaves (yes, there’s a boyfriend who doubts, but he doesn’t seem so important). Focused on a friendship bond that’s imposed with a distance, Iván Fund and Andreas Koefoed’s film is divided in two. The longest part is the most narrative one, and is sustained by credible, warm, and funny situations and dialogues. The second part, the B part, is shorter, more reflexive, and in 3D, which expands both the spaces and the emotions. JPF

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