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74 m²

Film Information

Exhibition Title 74 m²
Directors Paola Castillo
Tiziana Panizza
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 67'
  • Iselsa Barraza, Catherin Bernal, Iván Coñuecar, María Teresa Lerzundi
  • G: Paola Castillo, Tiziana Panizza
  • F: Pablo Valdés, Eduardo Cruz Coke
  • E: Andrea Chignoli
  • DA: Soledad Silva
  • S: Roberto Espinoza
  • M: Camila Moreno
  • P, PE: Paola Castillo
  • CP: Errante, Colectivo La Tribu, ITVS
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Documentaries about housing problems are usually hard to make, because the processes involved are slow. Projects, debates, leases, red-tape, construction. Directors Paola Castillo and Tiziana Panizza (her trilogy Visual Letters is programmed in this same section) solve those problems with a clear determination: work, and more work. Therefore, they’ve spent seven years following every phase of the process. The main characters in 74 m² are social leaders Iselsa and Cathy, who lead a group of a hundred and fifty families that lived on occupied lands, and later chose to participate in a new social housing project that creates a new neighborhood integrated to a middle class residential area in Valparaíso. Due to the high costs of the land, the project requires the families to complete their houses using their own resources. 74 m² is a story about tenacity, conflict, fighting, and quite a few challenges. 74 m² is serious about its own, difficult challenge, and the filmmakers’ rigor and effort bring both effective and attractive results. It’s not that common for this kind of themes to be featured in cinema with such a fluent storytelling. JPF


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