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Film Info

Film Information

Exhibition Title Noche
English Title Night
Director Leonardo Brzezicki
Year 2013
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 87'
  • Flavia Noguera, Nadyn Sandrone, María Soldi, Gastón Re, Pablo Matías Vega, Jair Jesus Toledo
  • G: Leonardo Brzezicki
  • F: Massimo Ruggieri
  • E: Filip Gsella
  • DA: Alexis Dos Santos
  • S: Leandro de Loredo
  • M: Ismael Pinkler
  • P: Leonardo Brzezicki, Ginevra Elkann
  • PE: Leonardo Brzezicki, Ginevra Elkann, Filip Gsella, Alexis Dos Santos
  • CP: Rewind My Future, Asmara Films
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Six young friends in a country house in Entre Ríos hear the recordings left by Miguel, with whom each one had a different kind of relationship. The sounds of the past set up a game with the scenes from the present day –it’s a strange present, in which time and space fuse together. It’s the time of mourning, and the place where Miguel spent his last days prior to committing suicide. These city kids, filled with life and hopes, are placed against a stunningly beautiful nature scene. We contemplate them as they move through the present and update the past while attempting to reconstruct and understand what happened. Brzezicki uses sequence shots and, especially, slow fade, in order to pin-point transitions, moods, and atmospheres, a resource he internalizes to the point of turning it into a leitmotiv. This work on the images, together with a precise and delicate use of sound, represents a filmmaker with an original, sensitive, and plastic approach to the use of film language. Without a doubt, this is a name to follow very closely. VB

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