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Fanny de Chaillé's biography | fr France

Fanny de Chaillé


After studies of Aesthetics at the Sorbonne, Fanny de Chaillé worked as director’s assistant then as a performer. Since 1995 she has produced her own works: installation-performances “Karaokurt,”“La Pierre de causette,”“Le Robert,”“Le Voyage d’hiver,”“Wake Up,” and choreographic works such as “Underwear,”“Ta tata,”“Amérique” and “Gonzo-conférence.” Starting the musical duet Les Velourses with GrégoireMonsaingeon, they conceived “MmeellooddyyNneellssoonn” at the Théâtre de la CitéInternationale in Paris, where she was associated artist for three years. In 2010 she presented “La Bibliothèque,” a project that she still regularly conducts in France and abroad. In 2011 she created “Je suis un metteur en scène japonais” based on Thomas Bernhard’s “Minetti,” as well as “Passage à l’Acte” with French artist Philippe Ramette, a project for twelvedancers. In 2012 she staged Pierre Alferi’s text “Coloc.” In 2013 she was invited by the Nouveau Festival of the Centre Pompidou where she created “La Clairière” with scenographer Nadia Lauro.