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Jury: Andrea Garrote

Andrea Garrote


Andrea Garrote


Andrea Garrote is an actress, playwright, theatre director and teacher. She has studied Literature at the University of Buenos Aires. She holds a degree in dramaturgy from the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático. She has received her training mainly from Ricardo Bartís, Mauricio Kartun, Rubén Szuchmacher and José Sanchís Sinisterra. Jointly with Rafael Spregelburd, she co-foundedEl Patrón Vázquez, one of the most prolific and long-standing groups in today’s Argentine theatre scene. As an actress, she has received numerous awards and nominations: Trinidad Guevara, Teatro XXI, Teresa Constantini, María Guerrero and Premios Teatro del Mundo. From 1994 to date, the company has been touring around Latin America and Europe. Her play La Ropa was performed by over a dozen companies in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Spain. Her last play, Niños del Limbo, was staged for three consecutive seasons and partipated in FIBA 2011. Since 1996, she has been teaching acting and dramaturgy workshops for actors in Argentina, Latin America and Spain.