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La Bibliothèque


Original Title La Bibliothèque
English Title The Library
Director Francia Fanny de Chaillé
Country Francia



“La Bibliothèque” was created in 2010 during “Week-end à la Cité” in Paris. This project is based on the willingness to meet other people and on the idea that anyone can be the author of knowledge and can share it. Fanny de Chaillé works with a group of volunteers with the aim that they “become books and be consulted” by the public. Through meetings with the artist, the content of the book is revealed: it is a point of view of someone on a topic, a theme, a story. Those who embody the library are the actors of society as we all are, whatever role we play in it and regardless of the importance. For twenty minutes, the booktells a story about him. Readers have at their disposal a varied selection of books.

The Company

The Company Association Display is focused on the production of live spectacles. Since 2002 the group produces Fanny de Chaillé’s works: installations and performances that question forms of representation and forms to exhibit the bodies.


Fecha y lugares de estreno: 26 y 27 de junio de 2010, Maison Heinrich-Heine y La Maison International, París

Coproducción: Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, París.


This production is part of the lineup of TransARTE.