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Fous de Bassin


Original Title Fous de Bassin
English Title Water Fools
Director Francia Bruno Schnebelin
Country Francia
Runtime 50 min



It all starts with the arrival of a little car spluttering on the water. A passenger gets out, and sliding on the liquid stage, goes off to light his everyday street lamps before settling down to read a newspaper. On the way, as usual, he greets his neighbor who’s going home loaded with shopping, while a passing cyclist pedals by, living sprays of water in his wake.

Everything is normal or almost...Until suddenly our man’s daily bursts into flames and from the black water rise creatures from some baroque and eerie drama. Actor-chimeras, fire jousts, musical flights and incandescent machinery go on to evaporate the expected and give voice to a different world.

The Company

ilotopie was born on the last of the islands on the river Rhone between natural wildernesses, heavy industry and the Mediterranean Sea. As of 1980 the company proposed actions of artistic disorder bringing public spaces into question. Made up of a team of creators, actors, sculptors, dancers, musicians, inventors, set designers and researchers, this is a permanent company which has chosen to live out a collective artistic work which takes in the world, operating on the frontiers of individual and social stakes. The resulting shows and installations stimulate feeling and emotion, question the everyday world, and seek to form constructive links.ilotopie sets up in communal spaces, public places, networks and takes part in committed projects. Depending on the people, the circumstances and the sites, it is through a language of living images, poetic offerings or action shows that daily life, town or countryside find themselves fresh links: intimate meetings or grand urban or spatial productions are here full bodied and vibrant, performances to be savouredby the spectator-subject who becomes active and reactive.


  • Sobre el agua: Daniela Luna, Eric Bernard, Stéphane Pigeyre, Géraldine Blin, Arnaud Poupin, Sébastien Coulomb, Andras Hadju, Fabienne Passabet, Lucile Boissonnet, Emmanuel Fleury, Ghislain Bertrand, Fanny Decoust, Florian Wenger y Pascal Wyrobnick.
  • Además: Jean Vatopoulos, Laurent Ide y Ann Williams


Compañía: ilotopie (Francia)

Autor: ilotopie

Música: Phil Spectrum

Diseño de iluminación: ilotopie

Diseño de sonido: ilotopie

Diseño de escenografía: Bruno Schnebelin

Diseño de vestuario: Ann Williams y Gitta Heinz

Producción: ilotopie, extrapole

Fecha y ciudad de estreno: 2005, Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Coproducción: Ministère de la Culture, DRAC Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Conseil Régional Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur, Conseil Général des bouches du Rhône, Institut Français