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Alrededor de la mesa


Original Title Alrededor de la mesa



Based on a project by Loïc Touzé and Anne Kerzerho, and carried out by the company ORO-Loïc Touzé, Cati and Taldans (Istanbul), and Kom.post (Berlin).

What can a body do in a world? Using this question and a script created by Loïc Touzé and Anne Kerzerho as a starting point, Around the Table invites a group of citizens to exchange their knowledge and uses of the body in everyday activities. In cities such as Athens, Istanbul, Berlin and Nantes, among others, an artistic team composed of foreign and Argentine members in this case proposes a process for the creation of narratives based on a sensitive look at the gestures and their knowledge. On one evening, each citizen will share their experiences with the small public sitting around their table. And this is the result of the long process held at each edition of the project, in a different city, and related to the growing network of cities touched by Around the Table.