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Friday, 18 October 2013



Time has come for the premiere of one of the Festival’s great international productions – “Diebe” (Thieves), directed by Andreas Kriegenburg and performed by renowned German company Deutsches Theater Berlin. It will be staged today and tomorrow at 6.30 PM, and on Sunday at 4 PM. Using various scenes from the every day life of ordinary people, stories are woven together with characters bumping on each other in different situations and surprising ways. These humorous and dark stories are presented on a creative, versatile set that resembles a windmill wheel. Each turn of the wheel leads actors to new interactions with the ever-changing set. There are tickets available, on sale on this website and at the box offices of the following theatres: San Martín, Regio, Presidente Alvear and CCC Teatro 25 de Mayo.

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21 Oct 2013 ... AND MANY MORE

The series of films was also highly attractive for festivalgoers, with screenings of films featuring key figures from the international theatrical scene, such as the show “Tambours sur la Digue”, by Ariane Mnouchkine, and the documentary “Brook par Brook” (a portrait of Peter Brook made by his son). There were also screenings of Argentine films: “Los posibles”, by Santiago Mitre and Juan Onofri Barbato, “Viola” and “Rosalinda”, by Matías Piñeiro; in addition to [...]

74 thousand people in total attended the shows, activities, meetings and screenings programmed by the ninth edition of the Festival, attractive for the artistic quality and risk of the national and international productions presented, the inclusion of new sections and venues to the ever-lively Buenos Aires cultural and theatrical circuit (a total of 27 venues across nearly the entire city). Outstanding figures of international theatre in the 21st century such as German director Thomas [...]

On the last day of a memorable Festival with a massive turnout – with almost all performances sold out – 36 top-notch national productions and 20 international ones (performed by companies from Germany, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Congo, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom and Uruguay), and the presence of world-renowned figures of theatre, there is still a chance to see two European plays. One is the Polish “III Furie”, staged by Modjeska Theatre (at Sala Casacuberta of t [...]


20 Oct 2013 SUNDAY’S FILMS

Films, one of the Festival’s most prominent sections, comes to an end. The lineup of screenings for today includes three contemporary Argentine films directed by talented young filmmakers. “Los Posibles”, by Santiago Mitre and Juan Onofre Barbato, about the dance project carried out by a group of youths from one of the most deprived areas in the Buenos Aires suburbs, will be screened at 3.30 PM. Then, “Rosalinda”, by Matías Piñeiro, will show at 6 PM – a chronicle of [...]

The book release and award ceremony for the Germán Rozenmacher Award will be held today at 3 PM at the auditorium Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo of the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas (Corrientes 2038). The jury composed of Andrea Garrote, Jorge Dubatti and Mariano Saba chose “Un día es un montón de cosas”, by Jimena Aguilar. The play was translated into English, French and Portuguese and is published by Los Libros del Rojas in a quadrilingual edition with a print run [...]

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