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The Festival Internacional Buenos Aires Jazz has earned a place of privilege in the cultural calendar of the City.

For several decades, Buenos Aires has established itself as a major capital on the extended international jazz circuit, and the genre’s most renowned artists have been featured in the City, in the framework of the Festival, all through these years.

Annually, the Buenos Aires Jazz aims to bring international artists who have never played before in Buenos Aires, and at the same time, it invites Argentine musicians who have built a career abroad and haven’t performed in the City in a long time. The wide range of artists includes American musicians, coming from the cradle of the genre, European jazz leaders and the new generation of Latin American performers.

Also, the Festival is always committed to providing a wide, well-thought out space for local artists, both musicians with an established track record – masters of tradition – and the youngest ones – standard-bearers of the avant-garde.

Through its program and different series and activities, the Buenos Aires Jazz seeks to honor the diversity and multi-hued musical palette inherent in the essence of jazz.

The unique concerts featuring collaborations between local and international musicians on the same stage are one of the flagships of the Festival. Spontaneous and experimental performances take place for the enjoyment of both artists and the audience. It is nearly impossible to find this idea carried out so organically in other parts of the world.

In line with the best international festivals, the Buenos Aires Jazz offers all kinds of activities in addition to concerts: photo exhibitions, jazz-themed film series, conferences and open interviews with remarkable performers, as well as the educational experiences of master classes, instrumental clinics and workshops with outstanding jazz artists.

Finally, every day of the Festival comes to an end with a spontaneous, widely attended gathering of musicians and audience at a jam session.

Rhythm, diversity and excellence are terms to describe both Buenos Aires and its Festival Internacional de Jazz.