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Tim Berne & Noneto del conservatorio Manuel de Falla


Original Title Tim Berne & Noneto del conservatorio Manuel de Falla



The jazz degree program at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Music, directed by pianist Ernesto Jodos, has truly become a breeding ground for highly trained jazz artists, who nourish the local scene with professional musical projects, ensuring its continuity and evolution. For this reason, the BAJ has established a permanent collaboration and thus every year invites a renowned musician and composer combining a solid career and great enthusiasm for teaching to work with one of the school’s ensembles.

In this opportunity, the Noneto del Conservatorio Manuel de Falla, conducted by composer and guitarist Valentín Reiners, welcomes saxophonist Tim Berne to prepare, over several days, the performance of pieces written by him. An artist at the forefront of jazz music, Berne has been playing sax for over three decades and has participated in the groups of Bill Frisell, Mark Helias and John Zorn. He is currently a sideman for Michael Formanek, Ches Smith, David Torn and Drew Gress.

The different jazz ensembles of the Manuel de Falla Conservatory have been praised for their dedication to work, enthusiasm and high level of playing, having been raved about by guest composers and teachers of previous years: John Hollenbeck, Charles Tolliver, Frank Carlberg and Steve Cardenas.