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Leo Genovese toca Spinetta


Original Title Leo Genovese toca Spinetta
Country Argentina



The decision to commission a work centered on the oeuvre of Luis Alberto Spinetta is consistent with the criterion used by BAJ’s artistic team to pay homage to other key non-jazz, Argentine pop music artists whose body of works can be approached from the all-embracing perspective of jazz. This applies to Cuchi Leguizamón and Charly García. In the case of Spinetta, we are also talking about an artist who has enjoyed unanimous recognition in the world of jazz and has worked at ease with musicians belonging to this tradition.

Leo Genovese has practically never performed in Buenos Aires as a leader of his own bands or projects, and so the idea of giving him such responsibility, such honor and such pride of place has to do with paying homage and giving the best welcome to the Festival to one of our best jazz artists abroad today. Leo, who has become popular as a pianist and arranger for bassist and singer Esperanza

Spalding, boasts a solid career as a solo player too. His strong artistic personality and uniqueness, both in his playing and composing style, are in line with that singularity that made Luis Alberto Spinetta a one-of-a-kind artist and a key figure on the Argentine cultural scene.