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About BAL

The tenth edition of the Buenos Aires Lab (BAL), BAFICI’s co-production market, will be held over April 12-14, 2013.

The BAL aims at supporting the development and production of Latin American cinema. It coordinates activities targeted at filmmakers of the region to foster the bond between professionals and the search for funding.

BAL was a pioneer of its kind: ten years ago, when its journey in BAFICI began, the BAL was the first lab and co-production market in Latin America. And today, it is still a forerunner: it is the first market of its kind that seeks to make a radical transformation.

The tenth edition of the BAL is exclusively dedicated to the exhibition of the Work in Progress (WIP), and this format is part of a wider process that will in future include workshops for projects in development or in the writing stage, which will be held during 2014.

This transformation comes as a result of changes in the international filmmaking scene and as a result of new forms of filmmaking. The aim of this program is to expand the opportunities and provide greater exposure and visibility, on the international stage, for the selected projects.

In order to achieve this far-reaching goal, we consider that it is essential to associate and join forces with other markets and festivals in tune with the BAL and BAFICI. In line with this, and for the first time, the WIPs will have the opportunity to be selected for a special screening at the Marché du Film of the Cannes International Film Festival. Meanwhile, the works in development will participate in a series of workshops to be held next year, in an unprecedented association with festivals from Latin America and Europe.

In addition to the program that selects ten works in progress, four unfinished films will be presented that are the result of the CPH:LAB (Copenhague).

This is a year of anniversaries as the BAFICI celebrates 15 editions and the BAL celebrates 10. Both remain young, vital and up to date – more than enough reasons to celebrate!

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