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Hijas del río

Film Information

Exhibition Title Hijas del río
English Title Daughters of the River
Director Segundo Arregui
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 24'
  • Julieta Arregui, Florencia Crespo, Rosa Valsecchi, Florencia Apelhanz
  • G: Segundo Arregui
  • F: Virginia Brezniw
  • E: Segundo Arregui, Paola Buontempo
  • DA: Betina Perrone
  • S: Marcos Migliavacca
  • P: Carmen “Coca” Kreiter
  • PE: Carmen “Coca” Kreiter, Segundo Arregui
  • CP: Festi Freak Produce
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While her mother gets ready to have people over, Magda and her friend Jochi must spend the afternoon at the river. The heat unleashes on the city of Viedma on their last day together, before Magda goes away to study in other city. Dense vegetation becomes the ideal setting for them to encounter their much awaited intimacy, in a pact to make that moment timeless.


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