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Film Info
Nueva de Fujian

Film Information

Exhibition Title Nueva de Fujian
English Title New Girl From Fujian
Director Analía Orfila
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 20'
  • Ignacio Huang, Eva Blanco, Luz Subiela
  • G: Analía Orfila
  • F: Aylén Lopez
  • E: Tomás Pernich, Analía Orfila
  • DA: Natalia Fidel
  • M: Palmer y Principiantes
  • P: Mayra Zeitune, Frank Robles
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Ani has just arrived from China to work on her boyfriend Leo’s supermarket. The new girl from Fujian will now be in charge of the cold meat counter, under Leo’s promise she will soon move up to a better position. From then on, she will have to coexist with a reduced social group, specimens of the lowest kind of people in an unknown city, in an unknown language, and without the love she expected.


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