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Film Info
Cien niños esperando un tren

Film Information

Exhibition Title Cien niños esperando un tren
English Title One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train
Director Ignacio Agüero
Year 1988
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 56'
  • Alicia Vega
  • G, PE: Ignacio Agüero
  • F: Jorge Roth, Jaime Reyes
  • E: Fernan Valenzuela
  • M: Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Jaubert
  • P: Ignacio Agüero, Andrés Racz
  • CP: Ignacio Agüero Producciones
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This is a film about teachings and its ritual. About learning. About the rescue of the teacher figure (Alicia Vega) by a disciple (Ignacio Agüero). Made with austerity and love, One Hundred... is a tremendously political, moving, and touching film. Once liturgy is over, the Holy Ghost chapel gives way to the film workshop classes Alicia Vega teaches in the neighborhood of Lo Hermida. That place of refuge and gathering in times of military repression will become a huge classroom where kids will learn the history of film while building their own history, through home-made games and film screenings. Agüero interviews the kids and their families, stand witness to their dreams as well as Chile’s political situation. And he interviews Alicia Vega, who was his teacher in college and whose passion for teaching spreads and fills up the screen, turning her into a sort of film preacher whose knowledge is transmitted to her students, who then pass it on to their parents. Cinema and education for everyone without minding the poverty, which Agüero never portrays as misery.


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