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12 April 2013

This BAFICI Friday at CC Recoleta looks promising, with free admission to all the activities. The "100 horas extras" (100 extra hours) continue at Sala Cronopios at 2 p.m. And there will be three roundtables at El Aleph. "Las naves" (The ships), a film publication made in collaboration with German magazine Revolver, will be held at 3 p.m., with the participation of Andrés Di Tella, Christoph Hochhausler, Mariano Llinás and Nicolás Prividera. Then, the initiative of digitalizing and providing access to the vast collection of "Sucesos argentinos" newscast will be presented at 5. And at 6, there will be a roundtable about public policies on film exhibition ("Políticas públicas de exhibición cinematográfica"), with authorities and coordinators of the programs offered by the INCAA (National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts). In the evening, at the same auditorium, Garage rock band Los Peyotes (photo) will demonstrate their stage power, the same that is portrayed in the documentary "No tengo nada," currently being screened at the Festival.

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