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About BAL

After 10 years of exceptional growth and dynamism, we are very pleased to present a revamped BAL (Buenos Aires Lab), with all its sections transformed and restructured.

Year after year, we strive to actively respond to the question about the purpose and meaning of the BAL. The world changes around us, and so do the ways and possibilities of filmmaking. Always keeping current with the latest industry trends, in this new edition, the BAL’s proposal for its Laboratory is to go back to basics, to focus on the discovery and earliest stages of film projects and on meeting filmmakers that are still looking for a way to produce their films, who may find participation in this program highly beneficial.

We have sharpened the definition of laboratory to explore, reflect on and experiment with the possibilities of making an auteur film in Latin America nowadays. The BAL, in this sense, is a pioneering center for original and innovative projects, meant to encourage filmmakers and with no intention of teaching any formula on how to make a movie, because we believe that the particularities of each project lead to develop a unique way of producing films. Without a doubt, this new BAL will serve as a great complement to more formal and structured programs in which some of the participants may continue to further their career.

For those filmmakers with more experience and those who have productions in a more advanced stage – films currently in the shooting or post-production stage – we will continue with Work in Progress (WIP), which this year called for submissions of full-length film projects from the entire Latin American region.

With the aim of continuing to foster the exchange between European and Latin American filmmakers, this year we present four projects born from a collaboration between BAL and DOX:LAB (CPH: DOX). These projects came about through the joint efforts carried out by pairs of filmmakers (one from each region) in their first meeting, this past November, at DOX:LAB, and will be presented to the international industry in the framework of the BAL.


The BAL will be held over April 13, 14 and 15, 2012 in the framework of the 14th BAFICI.


The BAL will include the following sections:

  • Production Lab: Workshop activities and round tables with professionals, for Latin American full-length film projects. April 14 and 15.
  • Work in Progress: Screening of excerpts of Latin American films currently in the shooting or completion stage. Screening session on April 13.
  • CPH:LAB: Workshop activities and round tables for projects that are part of the DOX:LAB (a development and production program of the Copenhagen International Film Festival, CPH:DOX, which aims at establishing relationships between European and Latin American filmmakers). April 14 and 15.
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