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16 April 2012

Three friends remember Cristian, who left a mark on them with his particular, risk-taking lifestyle. Everything takes place on the west side of Buenos Aires City, on the blurred border between Liniers and Mataderos, on a house’s mezzanine level that was squatted by the absent friend and where his belongings and traces of him still remain. La Oruga is the film equivalent of the Argentine rock movement of the last two decades, called rock chabón or rock barrial (unrefined urban rock with lyrics about the average working class kid). The movie will be screened tomorrow, Tuesday, and on Sunday 22, and stars its filmmakers Ariel Guerchicoff and Maximiliano Rossi, in addition to Leonel Gonzales, Cristian Díaz, Francisco Arroyo.

As journalist Alfredo Lisica wrote on No, the youth section of the Página/12 newspaper, “the two directors come from documentary making, and apart from denouncing, they are interested in revealing how vital is to venture into the most extreme reality. Even if they are themselves involved in the story. This is the post-Cromañón (nightclub fire) generation that films low-roofed houses in Liniers and Mataderos, the mezzanine room of the absent squatter, drinks wine straight from the bottle and eats polenta sandwiches. The raw winter of the city’s west side will prompt a train ride to Tucumán. There, they will say goodbye to their friend and remember their life on the edge when they thought themselves invincible.”

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