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16 April 2012

El tramo, by Juan Hendel, will be premiered at this Festival. This 65-min observational documentary records the struggle of a group of people, first against nature and then against progress. The background issue is the decline of Argentina’s railway system over the last decades – the recent tragedy at Once station does nothing but confirm this reality. Hendel’s film was made in the framework of El Observatorio documentary film school and supported by the National Institute of Cinema and Audivisual (INCAA).

Juan Hendel received his Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking in 2009, after which he started this project with the production company IMPOSIBLE. The screenings are scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 17, and for Sunday 22 (please check venues, times and ticket availability). Tickets are available for on-site purchase at the Festival’s ticket outlets, and also for online purchase on this website.

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