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18 April 2012

The rough working conditions and the exhausting, repetitive, labor-intensive activity of a group of sugar cane harvesters are portrayed in the documentary Corta, by Colombian director Felipe Guerrero, taking an intimate approach and with a careful editing that stresses, through repetition, these workers’ daily routine. The film is all about the hypnotic exhaustion produced by the laboring bodies of the sugar cane harvesters from Valle del Cauca (Colombia). A contemplation of manual work gestures, as the omnipresent landscape of the surrounding plantations appears as a backdrop. Corta will be screened this coming Sunday 22, on the last day of the 2012 BAFICI.

“The project stemmed out of my interest in sugar cane harvesters in Colombia’s southwest. I knew of the deprivation of those whose lives depend on this activity, and thus I wanted to film the hard work it takes to survive – to observe the rhythm of their body movements in the everyday struggle,” describes the Buenos Aires-based Colombian filmmaker about his documentary Corta. In 2010, during the seventh edition of the BAL, the film received the Estudio Ñandú Award, consisting of 80 hours of sound post-production.

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