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19 April 2012

The testimony and opinions of film masters such as Samuel Fuller, Michael Powell, Francis Ford Coppola, Abbas Kiarostami and Milos Forman are featured in the series Sodankylä Forever, by Finnish director and historian Peter von Bagh (one of the notable international guests of this Festival). All of them were invited to the legendary Midnight Sun Film Festival that he directs in the small town of Sodankylä (and which he co-founded with the Kaurismaki brothers in 1986). At the event, they share views and talk about their art, passion for films, the art of programming and the charm of festivals. Today, Thursday, Malba Cine will screen the two parts of the series, The Century of Cinema and The Yearnings of the First Cinema Experience. There are tickets available for purchase at the Festival’s ticket outlets and also on this website.

“All my life, I have worked for other directors, so I never considered myself anything special. My films were made for television, so that’s as far as they went,” said Peter von Bagh a few months ago, as a special guest and subject of a retrospective at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival. In relation to this, he added, “It’s an extremely rare situation when somebody is honored with this kind of thing. Somebody whose films have never been shown outside of Finland.”

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