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19 April 2012

In the documentary Mal del viento, Ximena Gonzalez paints a portrait of a boy from the Mbyá Pindó Poty village (El Soberbio, Misiones), Julián, who is transferred to a Buenos Aires hospital by court order. While doctors prescribe a cardiac surgery, his parents refuse the procedure. The spiritual leader of the community dreams with a stone in the boy’s heart and asks for his return to the village to cure him with natural medicine. The media, doctors, officials and caciques speak on behalf of Julián, who is waiting for a decision secluded in a hospital room together with his family, far away from the mountain and all by themselves, prolonging his agony.

With production by Grupo Documenta and INCAA in co-production with La Búsqueda Producciones, Mal del viento meanders between an observational documentary and a polyphonic construction. González documents the events of the case that triggered a nationwide debate, of a religious, cultural, public health and bioethics nature.

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