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21 April 2012

The footage of the remodeling of Madrid’s famous building resulted in the documentary Edificio España, by Spanish director Víctor Moreno. "For more than a year, I followed the emptying of the building,” expressed the filmmaker. "And I came across an immense Tower of Babel – workers of different nationalities coexisting with the memory of such an iconic place, a symbol of prosperity after Civil War. From the combination of everyday work and remembrance, I forged a film that works as a puzzle, where each piece makes up the portrait of a unique period of our history,” he added.

In 2010, Víctor Moreno (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1981) premiered his first feature film, Holidays, at Las Palmas International Film Festival, where he received the Special Jury Prize for Best New Director. An interesting detail about Edificio España is that the film was produced, together with Víctor Moreno P.C, by Zentropa Spain, the prestigious production company of Danish director Lars Von Trier.

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