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[15] BAFICI awards

International Official Selection

  • Best Actress: María Villar, Agustina Muñoz, Elisa Carricajo and Romina Paula for Viola
  • Best Actor: Francesco Carril, for Los Ilusos
  • Best Director: Matt Porterfield, for I Used to Be Darker
  • Best Film: Berberian Sound Studio, by Peter Strickland
  • Special Mention: Playback, by Antoíne Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov
  • Special Jury Prize: Leones, by Jazmín López

Argentine Official Selection

  • Best Director: Raúl Perrone for P3ND3J05
  • Best Film: La paz, by Santiago Loza
  • Special Mention: El loro y el cisne, by Alejo Moguillansky

Short Films Official Selection

  • First prize: 9 Vacunas, by Iair Said
  • Second prize: Yo y Maru 2012, by Juan Renau
  • Mention: La mujer perseguida, by Jerónimo Quevedo
  • Mention: Un sueño recurrente, by Santiago Esteves

Avant-Garde and Genre

  • Grand prize: Arraianos, by Eloy Enciso
  • Best Feature Film: Joven y alocada, by Marialy Rivas
  • Best Short Film: A Story for the Modlins, by Sergio Oksman

Human Rights Competition

  • Best Film: Materia Oscura, by Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti
  • Mention: My Afghanistan, Life in the Forbidden Zone, by Nagieb Khaja

Audience Award

  • Best Argentine Film: Ramón Ayala, by Marcos López
  • Best Foreign Film: AninA, by Alfredo Soderguit
  • Best Film in Little BAFICI: Rodencia y el diente de la princesa, by David Bisbano


  • Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos Argentinos (Argentine Film Critics Association) Award: La Paz, by Santiago Loza for its clear portrait of a dysfunctional family, with an unconventional narrative and aesthetic construction.
  • ADF Award: the best director of photography award in the international competition goes to Nic Knowland and his work in Barberian Sound Studio, for the solid creation of atmospheres that accompany the dramatic evolution of the story and especially for the use of resources provided by the context of the scene itself. In addition, we would like to mention the outstanding cinematography of Metamorphosen, a remarkable example of the great coexistence between documentary as a genre and a thorough image at the service of communication.
    Berberian Sound Studio. Director of Photography Nic Knowland
  • SIGNIS Award: In Su Re, the filmmaker presents a story that is universally known but grounded in the drama and passion of each man. The specific landscape, people and dialect of a place contribute to the film’s aesthetic construction, moving away from the traditional stereotypes depicted in movies about the Passion, into a whole coherent with the text from Isaiah’s book with which the film begins. With remarkable narrative skills and taking advantage of people’s knowledge of history, the director invites us into a story from a circular time that questions – and brings a new perspective of – the Passion described.
    Su Re, by Giovanni Columbu
  • FIPRESCI Award: Viola, by Matías Piñeiro
  • FEISAL Award: FEISAL awards the best film by a Latin American filmmaker under 35. For its well-achieved script, narrative pace, remarkable staging and elaborate character building, the Federation of Latin America’s Schools of Image and Sound grants the FEISAL award to Soy mucho mejor que vos, by Chilean filmmaker Che Sandoval at the [15] BAFICI.  
    Soy mucho mejor que vos, by Che Sandoval
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