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13 Wed 2011



With the presence of the 78-year-old Japanese master, his muse actress Mariko Okada, Arts Graduate Violeta Bava, and film critics Diego Brodersen and Juan Manuel Domínguez, the book Kijû Yoshida: el cine como destrucción (published by BAFICI) will be presented today, Wednesday, at 6.30pm at the Meeting Point (on the mezzanine level of the Abasto Shopping Mall). From many points of view, the book analyzes the work and views of the Japanese director and also includes part of his theoretical works on his cinema and the cinema by other creators. The book is on sale at the festival’s Information Desk, at 30 pesos.

A legendary figure of Japan’s post-war period, Yoshida is one of the most ambitious, astute and influential filmmakers in his country. Featuring lead performances by Mariko Okada, one of Japan’s most popular and emblematic actresses, he has conceived a work full of sophistication, philosophical depth and serene beauty. Somewhat underappreciated in his own territory, he is considered in Europe—France, especially—a prominent figure of 20th century film. As such, the festival pays homage to him.

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