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Años de calle

Film Information

Exhibition Title Años de calle
English Title Street Years
Director Alejandra Grinschpun
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 73'
  • Gachi Fernández, Rubén Genaro Pinto,
  • Andrés Berón, Ismael Fernández
  • G: Alejandra Grinschpun, Laureano Ladislao Gutiérrez
  • F: Melina Terribili
  • E: Valeria Racioppi
  • S: Luciano Fusetti, Sonomondo
  • M: Me Darás Mil Hijos
  • P: Laureano Ladislao Gutiérrez, Alejandra Grinschpun
  • PE: Laureano Ladislao Gutiérrez
  • CP: Átomo Media
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Alejandra Grinschpun became in contact with a group of young homeless men in Buenos Aires through a photo workshop. Andrés, Rubén, Ismael and Gachi used to sleep in abandoned train cars, spend the time on the streets and in train stations, and tried to come across some food anyway they can. Through a series of encounters –the first one in 1999– these young men start to open up to the camera while establishing a complex relationship with the people behind it. In later meetings, five years later, and again in 2010, these four lives take on different directions, partly due to their abilities and limitations, and partly because of external events that appear as obstacles. More than ten years of their life, summed up in little over an hour, create a shocking impact that won’t let anyone indifferent against the need to do something about a situation that is ignored and naturally assimilated by everyone. LL


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