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La gente del río

Film Information

Exhibition Title La gente del río
English Title The River People
Directors Martín Benchimol
Pablo Aparo
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 62'
  • Rubén Urán, Nelly Esther Barreiro, Horacio Ivillerat, Jorge Ausilli, Ruben Gariador
  • G, P, PE: Martín Benchimol, Pablo Aparo
  • F: Martín Benchimol
  • E: Pablo Aparo
  • S: Leandro De Loredo
  • CP: CaravanaCine
More info:


Ernestina is a small town (the satellite image shows twenty blocks spattered with a few constructions sites here and there) that is located about two hundred kilometers away from the city of Buenos Aires. Around a hundred people live there, they know each other and spend almost the entire year getting bored together…But in the summer things are different: visitors come in unacceptable amounts looking for a dip in the nearby river and, coincidence or not, that’s the moment when this peaceful town witnesses waves of strange acts of vandalism. With this material, Martín Bechimol and Pablo Aparo make a film that is hugely warm and gracefully approaches a mystery that is much bigger and unfathomable than the one of the “river people”: the town’s people! The result is a sort of mix between Lost (with “the others” constantly lurking around) and Christopher Guest’s comedies. MP


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