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Amor crónico

Film Information

Exhibition Title Amor crónico
English Title Chronic Love
Director Jorge Perugorría
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 83'
  • CuCu Diamantes, Liosky Clavero,
  • Jorge Perugorría, Mirtha Ibarra, Mario Limonta
  • G: Jorge Perugorría
  • F: Ernesto Granado
  • E: Manuel Iglesias, Alejandro Valera
  • S: Osmany Olivare
  • M: Andrés Levín
  • P: Andrés Levín, Sarah Green
  • PE: Cliff Chenfeld
  • CP: Music Has No Enemies, Neo-Cuba
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“Too New Yorker to live in Havana, too Cuban to live in New York”: that’s a self-definition by CuCu Diamantes, two-times Grammy nominee (as a solo artist and as one half of the influential fusion project Yerba Buena). And that may be the reason why this talented Caribbean pinup girl invented her own country, Cuculand, which looks a lot like the island from where she traveled the world, and where she returns in Chronic Love to lead the country’s first national tour of a Cuban-American artist in half a century. Such an event was too big for a conventional documentary, so Perugorría decided to transform the journey this singer takes along with her noisy crew into a farcical, extravagant, and passionate road movie. This way, the film mixes vignettes of everyday life in the island, reenactments of classical (not just Cuban) film scenes, and even a platonic love story involving a midget, with the documenting of her hot an unpredictable shows, which can include everything from a big drummer wearing a Mexican wrestler’s mask to a full army platoon, and, of course, CuCu’s trademark, very-high-heel shoe. Agustín Masaedo


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