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Manhã de Santo António

Film Information

Exhibition Title Manhã de Santo António
English Title Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day
Director João Pedro Rodrigues
Year 2012
Format DM
Colour Color
Duration 24'
  • Alexander David, Mariana Sampaio, Miguel Nunes, Lydie Bárbara, Maria Leite
  • G: João Pedro Rodrigues
  • F: Rui Poças
  • E: Mariana Gaivão
  • S: Nuno Carvalho
  • P: João Figueiras
  • CP: Blackmaria, Le Fresnoy
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It’s the dawn of a regular June 14th. The subway stations open their doors and a mob slowly comes out from them, stumbling across the streets of Lisbon. Some of them collapse as they get struck by the morning sun; others separate from the group and continue on their own; some of them bent over and furiously throw up… We could be witnessing the advance of a zombie horde. Or a procession of lost souls that head for heaven and leave behind a symphony of car alarms.

But no, this bunch of haggard people –always about to be run over by a vehicle– are simply the wreckage that remains after a night of celebrating with excess the feast of Saint Anthony, patron of Lisbon. A young man collapses at the foot of the holy Lisboan. Next to him, a carnation is blown away by the wind and a note stuck to its stem reads an old sonnet Fernando Pessoa wrote about these festivities: “In the dance where everyone dances, someone is left danceless. Not going to the dance is best than being in it without being”. FG

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