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El gran simulador

Film Information

Exhibition Title El gran simulador
English Title The Great Pretender
Director Néstor Frenkel
Year 2013
Format DM
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 76'
  • René Lavand, Nora Gómez, Rolando Chirico, Diego Santos
  • G, E: Néstor Frenkel
  • F: Guillermo Nieto, María Laura Collasso, Diego Poleri
  • DA: Román Marotta
  • S: Fernando Vega, Hernán Gerard
  • M: Gonzalo Córdoba
  • P: Sofía Mora
  • PE: Sofía Mora, Daniel Werner, Carla Martínez
  • CP: Vamosviendo Cine
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Just like the filmmaker’s previous film Amateur, The Great Pretender focuses on a single character who is passionate about what he does. But René Lavand is not an amateur but a professional –of illusion, cards, and storytelling. He’s an all-time giant of card magic who built his career and huge international prestige solely with his left hand (he lost the right one in an accident). This circumstance, and many others, are narrated by Lavand with a sarcastic halo of mystery, with the grace and assurance of he who knows he’s entertaining, distracting, and convincing you of the impossible so skillfully that he defeats all potential mistrust. Frenkel gets into the illusionist’s home, follows him, lets him seduce us with his art (featured in some amazing archive footage as well), and achieves a closeness that allows us to see Lavand’s life from a privileged position. That is, the life this illusionist puts in front of our eyes and Frenkel’s camera. All we see is real but, happily, we can’t confirm that is true. JPF

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