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El corazón del roble

Film Information

Exhibition Title El corazón del roble
English Title The Heart of the Oak
Directors Ricardo Ramón
Ángel Izquierdo
Year 2012
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • G: Antonio Zurera
  • F: Ángel Izquierdo
  • E: Dibulitoon Studio
  • DA: Ángel Alonso, Antonio Zurera
  • S: Jaume Espinal
  • M: Emilio Alquezar
  • PE: Ricardo Ramón González, Lucía Gómez
  • CP: Dibulitoon Studio, Milímetros
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Right from the start, The Heart of the Oak is the third installment of the adventures of dragon Elfy and his animated gang (they had begun with Ángel Izquierdo’s Dragon Hill and El cubo mágico –the first one was co-directed with Ricardo Ramón, who already brought Daddy, I’m a Zombie to Little Bafici). But apart from that, The Heart of the Oak’s Spanish-made animation knows how to take the small parcels of the genre it built and reproduced (that is, medieval adventure) and alter them without never losing its passion for being playfully childish. The central story is a tale of dragons and elfs, with as much classicism as affection for novelty. They fight to maintain their human-less kingdom away from the claws of evil, purplish Ramses, and by altering its 3D surface (expanding it, actually), the film adds two miracles: absurd Marxian comedy (moon dwellers and dragons: that’s real inventiveness) and slapstick elements worthy of a reptilian myth. Heartfelt, funny, and delicate Middle Ages; The Heart of the Oak knows what it’s doing. JMD


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