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Jelly T

Film Information

Exhibition Title Jelly T
English Title Gummi T
Director Michael Hegner
Year 2012
Format DCP / 3D
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • Thure Lindhardt, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Signe Egholm Olsen,
  • Karen-Lise Mynster, Bjarne Henriksen
  • G: Michael Hegner
  • E: Henrik Beach
  • S: Flemming Christensen
  • M: Halfdan E, Søren Siegumfeldt
  • P: Nina Crone, Erik Wilstrup
  • CP: Crone Film, Wil Film
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To Ivan Olsen, life is a truly complicated matter. His schoolmates and teachers insistently make fun of him, and the boys in the neighborhood have decided their favorite sport is to give him a hard time. And his dad… well, his dad is still determined to make Ivan face everyday conflicts using his childhood hero as a reference, which is Tarzan. So, as we said, for Ivan Olsen, life is not much fun. And on top of that, he has fallen in love with a class mate. Could things be any harder? Until one day, a mysterious woman offers him a potion that gives superpowers to our protagonist, and suddenly everything changes…for the worse. Jelly T is an animated adaptation of Rubber Tarzan, one of the most famous novels by Ole Lund Kirkegaard, he himself one of the most popular children’s book writers of the Seventies. Together with Freddy Frogface (screened in the Little Bafici ‘12) and Otto is a Rhino (unreleased yet), they constitute a tribute-trilogy of this great Danish writer. FG


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