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Film Info
Peaches Does Herself

Film Information

Exhibition Title Peaches Does Herself
Director Peaches
Year 2012
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80'
  • Danni Daniels, Sandy Kane, Peaches
  • G, M, P, PE: Peaches
  • F, E: Robin Thomson
  • DA: Alùn Davies
  • S: Cornelius Rapp
  • CP: I U She Productions
More info:


So, Peaches wants to tell us her life story. Hence she wrote it, turned it into a musical she staged at the Berlin Hebbel Haul Theater, and shot it in order to make a film out of it. Imagine that: a whole film directed, starred, and produced by Merrill Beth Nisker, Peaches herself... OK? (In your face, Vincent Gallo!) So, she gets out on the stage surrounded by her faithful gang, the Sweet Machine as you know, and for 80 minutes we witness the first Transsexual Rock Opera of the 21st century. A biopic that wears leggings and legwarmers, the film features a narrative thread that begins as a coming of age story and soon bursts into an ambition drama in which Peaches, fascinated by an old trans stripper, decides that pursuing fame will be her life’s aim. And fame does come, together with an army of fans and Danni Daniels, the beautiful shemale Peaches falls in love with, who will spoil our heroine’s life. What else? Giant vulvas, penises, and genitals, breasts holding matches, lots of choreographies…There is no chance that this could be unsatisfying. FG


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