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Film Info
Tell Me Lies

Film Information

Exhibition Title Tell Me Lies
Director Peter Brook
Year 1968
Format 35 mm
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 108'
  • Mark Jones, Pauline Munro, Robert L. Lloyd, Glenda Jackson, Ian Hogg
  • G: Peter Brook, Michael Kustow, Dennis Cannan
  • F: Ian Wilson
  • E: Ralph Sheldon
  • S: Robert Allen
  • M: Richard Peaslee
  • P: Peter Brook, Peter Sykes
  • CP: Brook Productions
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“The wrong film at the right time”, critic Stanley Kauffmann dismissed it back in 1968, and indeed Tell Me Lies met hostile reactions and was mostly forgotten – to reemerge triumphantly in a wonderful restoration last year: Not just as a major work of famed theatre and film director Peter Brook, but as one of the era’s finest films. “The images of a napalm-burnt Vietnam shocked our small group from the Royal Shakespeare Company in exactly the same way”, Brook said: So working with his sterling troupe, they adapted material from their current production-in-progress US (deemed “bestial, anti-American and Communist” by the censors), resulting in the fullest expression of Brooks’ Brechtian ideas about cinema. Self-analysis and reenactments by an outraged set of actors clash with newsreels, demonstrations, musical interludes and anti-war skits, resulting in a complex social mosaic, unusually and painfully aware of its remove from the actual battlefields: There’s a reason for its subtitle, A Film About London. CH

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