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Imágenes Paganas

Film Information

Exhibition Title Imágenes Paganas
Director Sergio Cucho Costantino
Year 2013
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 82'
  • Federico Moura, Marcelo Moura, Julio Moura, Velia Moura, Daniel Sbarra
  • G, E: Sergio Cucho Costantino
  • F: Matías Calzolari
  • DA: Joachin Pantera Silva, Piqui Paula Heiderscheid
  • S: Virus
  • M: Federico Moura
  • P: Sergio Costantino, Nicolás Batlle
  • PE: Nicolás Batlle
  • CP: Buen Día Films, Magoya Films
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Even today, there’s still a certain resistance to recognize the aesthetic revolution Virus brought in the early Eighties. Federico Moura’s audacity as a frontman of the La Plata-based band exceeded the boundaries of rock and still is a source of art-pop wisdom. Imágenes paganas explores that tension and rejection in times of dictatorship, a scourge the Moura family paid for with the disappearance of Federico’s older brother. “I know what I don’t want but I’m not sure what I want and I’m glad it is like that, uncertainty keeps me alive”, says the singer while the pictures of his youth pass through and all its profiles explain the artist in the making. The fan’s perspective is the responsibility of the director: Sergio Costantino puts all the memorabilia at the service of the lost trail of this singer who would die of AIDS-related causes in December 1998. Even the inserts, a sort of vision that’s parallel to the stories of the protagonists, reinforce elements of style such as ambiguity, provocation, irony, and sexual freedom. Costantino’s documentary inaugurates a time of historical restoration with Federico Moura as a warrior of modernity. OJ

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